Quality Management System


In November 2015, Passive-Action was certified ISO 9001: 2008 and AS9100c. To distinguish itself, Passive-Action strives to provide quality workmanship to satisfy all of its customers. These are key processes that influence the quality of our products and services. Our approach can be summarized in three areas: compliance with customer requirements, speed and adaptability.

Passive-Action relies on highly skilled, experienced and dedicated individuals who are committed to achieve QUALITY, and seek improvement by using the appropriate methods.


We follow and respect the requirements of international ASTM standards. We certify that the parts have been processed in accordance with the stipulated specification.


In order to improve the reliability of its surface finishing, Passive-Action has obtained its Nadcap certification. Our customers will benefit from a better control of our solutions.

5S image 3

The company is using the 5S method to continually improve its practices. The results are measured both in productivity and in staff satisfaction in regards to the efforts made to improve working conditions.

Created in Japan, this method aims for continuous improvement in the tasks performed within a company. The method is part of the quality process. Originally, this method was designed for the Toyota production system. The term 5S comes from the first letter of each of the following five Japanese words: Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke. Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain.

Quality Approach


Safety and Prevention

Maintenance is performed on a regular basis to ensure proper operation, and avoid delays in the execution of your project.


Customer Focus

We do not just hear words, we determine our customers’ needs to give them the expected support.


Plan, Act, Do, Check

Passive-Action makes every possible effort upon receipt of an order to respect the terms of the agreement and timeline. Planning allows integrating time, preparation and costs before going further. To achieve a good planning, it is crucial to reach the goal and validate each critical step before its completion. Thereafter, the work done is verified carefully and accurately.


Continuous Improvement

At Passive-Action, we understand that the workmanship of each employee has a direct impact on the team. Everyone is responsible for the quality of the provided service. Continuous improvement is a must for all our employees, and is measured quarterly. When a discrepancy is detected, a training occurs to fill it and meet our customers’ requirements.
Our expertise in the field and the challenges we face, allow us to continually identify opportunities to improve and maintain quality thus reducing failures.


Equipment and Tools

Our employees are trained on a regular basis to handle safely all equipment used to perform their work on a daily basis.


Analysis and Data

The main performance indicators are: customer satisfaction, product conformity, supplier performance and delivery.



In order to maintain the quality of its services, Passive-Action continually invests in R & D. Every year dozens of projects are carried out, which contribute to increase our expertise and the quality of our services.